The year we started, not sure if we wanted to call ourselves an Advertising Agency or a Multimedia Company. The journey since has crossed over into both these areas of work.


The world we see around us is made up of patterns & pauses; textures & tones; sounds & silences. When we replicate this onto the media we create; it just ends up being Design.

A lot rides on the quality & sincerity of our work. When a client trusts us with a project, we understand that it has to go beyond just pleasing her/him. It has to reach out to his audience.


We have always believed in a small team for quality result. A team where everyone pitches in & works across projects, brings in new ideas &perspectives; shaping final results in new moulds.

When your first client still works with you, you must be doing something right !! Our clients have continued their association with us, through their earlier companies & also trusted us with their new ventures; for us that is high praise.


Technology churns out a new wave of ideas & we have been kept busy riding that wave. The ride though is exhilarating, & we will ensure that we ride on the first wave that surges forth.

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